The attention to technological excellence has always been a constant in the history of ASSO products, which now offers a highly specialized catalog of nylon, fluorocarbon and braided PE monofilaments, each distinct for technical excellence and designed to satisfy the most sophisticated needs in fishing.

The new product and process technologies have given rise to new materials, construction techniques and expressions, not always easy to understand for users. In order to clearly explain the technology of its products and their features, ASSO has developed a system of icons that allows you to quickly synthesize them.


Fluorocarbon is a revolutionary synthetic fiber, with chemical and mechanical properties very different from those of nylon, such as:

  • the index of refraction of the light close to that of water, which makes it virtually invisible in immersion;
  • the greater specific weight and higher density compared to a traditional monofilament, which allows it to sink faster and to maintain the fishing position with higher accuracy since it is less sensitive to wind and current;
  • a low elongation, which guarantees a prompt and sensitive strike;
  • insensitivity to low temperatures, which allows fishing up to -40 ° C;
  • exceptional resistance to abrasion thanks to a very durable surface that gives considerable protection against rocks and the bites of more aggressive fish.


fluorocarbon coated eng

The fluorocarbon coating gives the monofilament an exceptionally smooth and durable surface, which makes it completely waterproof and more resistant to abrasion. The impermeability ensures that the resistance remains almost unaltered even when the line is wet, unlike nylon monofilaments which may have a high decay, up to 15%.

Fluorocarbon coated monofilaments combine most of the revolutionary features of fluorocarbon with the excellent dynamic and breaking strength characteristics of the nylon, and therefore is a "bridge" product which tends to make the best characteristics of both materials, generally at a lower price than pure fluorocarbon monofilaments.

parallel spooling eng

The Parallel spooling system allows to optimally preserve the physical and mechanical characteristics of the monofilaments. The spooling takes place by means of high precision numerical controlled machines, which overlap the coils without twisting them, at moderate and constant speed and apply to the fibers a reduced voltage. The risk of abrasion, tension and crushing is therefore minimized.

high abrasion resistance eng

Line characterized by a particularly large surface area, which ensures a high abrasion resistance in the case of friction on hard surfaces such as rocks, trees and obstacles of various nature, or fish bites.

camouflage multcolor eng

Camouflage multicolor lines come in a special camouflage coloration, which consists of alternating inside the spool short line segments with different coloration. This coloration, intentionally heterogeneous and irregular, makes the wire less visible in the water.

sinking eng

Line characterized by a high specific weight, which guarantees a greater and more rapid penetration of the water. It also ensures more precise fishing action in the presence of strong winds.

floating eng

Line with a reduced specific weight, which slows the sinking in water.

high visibility eng

High visibility lines have a special "solid" coloring, fluorescent or particularly lively that enhances the visibility of the line out of the water, which makes them particularly suitable for night fishing or in low light conditions.

low visibility eng

Low visibility lines can be made of fluorocarbon or be fluorocarbon coated, guaranteeing maximum invisibility as the refractive index of fluorocarbon is close to that of water. A good result in terms of invisibility is also obtained with the multi-color staining.

high stretch eng

High stretch lines are optimal shock absorbers and are particularly suited to be connected as terminals to braided PE to compensate its low elongation. They also favor the bite of particularly suspicious fish.

low stretch eng

Low stretch lines provide greater sensitivity in fishing and better strikes.

soft eng

Soft lines have a soft consistency and are tension free, with low mechanical memory and generally high smoothness.

hard eng

Rigid wires provide greater abrasion resistance and a lower elongation. If used for terminals, they permit optimum arrangement of the bait.

4 ply braid eng

4-ply braids are the standard reference for fishing braids. The braid is made from four independent lines, woven together so as to ensure optimum density and a surface area as homogeneous as possible.

8 ply braid eng

8-ply braids are state of the art technology applied to fishing braids. The high number of lines used, 8 instead of the traditional 4, guarantees, with the same diameter, a greater compactness of the braid, which enhances the softness and smoothness. The section of the braid is much more constant and round than that of the traditional 4-ply braids, guaranteeing longer casts, greater strength and control.