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JONTTU (Slip On) Spring Bobbers JONTTU (Slip On) Spring Bobbers

Fiskas "Slip On" Spring Bobbers are designed to work with the Jonttu Sport Rod.  If you would like to incorporate on your fishing rod that has a eye at the end of the pole, you will either need to remove the eye or split the rubber stop on the Spring Bobber and use super glue to mend rubber stop back together.

Our Price: $3.99
Ice Strong Titanium (Tie On) Spring Bobbers Ice Strong Titanium (Tie On) Spring Bobbers

These bobbers are made in Michigan by Captain Matt Strong, a charter fisherman on Lake Michigan, as well as an avid ice-fisherman who has been fishing the NAIFC tournament series and has qualified for the NAIFC Series Championship in Mille Lacs, MN, December 2015. Tie directly to the last inch of your rod tip to secure in place. Ideal for Ice Fishing Panfish with 2.5mm - 5mm FISKAS WOLFRAM JIGS!

4" Length
Non-Kinking Titanium
Super Elastic
3 Colors to choose from: Flame Red-Orange, Pretty Pink and Neon Green

Our Price: $11.99